Aagam Green Diode Laser System

Sawing with Automatic Twin Side (TSS) Fixture

Skin Bending
Elimiinates diamond breakage & damage to a great extent by reducing unwanted internal reflections and internal focusing.

The Hawk-Pro Series of harmonic Nd:YAG lasers are ideally suited for micromachining applications where small kerf width and excellent edge quality are the most important process requirements. This series of lasers is optimized with astigmatism-free circular beams and the superior stability to ensure the highest micromachining quality. The harmonic output at 532 nm is ideal for processing materials such as semiconductor wafers, solar cells, copper, polyamide, printed circuit boards, and plastics.

The lasers in this series have become the lasers of choice for applications in many industries, from cutting and drilling diamonds and gemstones, drilling inkjet cartridges, to scribing low-k interconnect structures and cutting medical stents. Other applications include marking, wafer trimming, pumping high repetition rate Ti:Sapphire ultrafast amplifiers, particle image velocimetry (PIV), combustion analysis, laser induced fluorescence, LIDAR, resonance raman spectroscopy, chemical analysis of macromolecules, and laser microprobe analysis.

Smooth and symmetrical beam profile
Highly efficient wavelength conversion
Field-replaceable diodes with no optical realignment
Consistent output over wide power range
Micro-Hole Drilling
Ceramics Scribing
PCB Cutting
Fine Wire Stripping
Diamond/Gemstone Processing
Technical Specifications
wavelength 532 nm
Output Power @ 10 KHz, Watts 8W
Transverse Mode TEMoo
Beam Diameter, mm 0.4
Beam Quality(M2) <1.2
Pulse repetition frequency (PRF), KHz 1-20
Pulsewidth @ 10 KHz, ns 70
Pulse Stability @ 10 KHz (RMS) 3
Polarization Linear(VER)
Output Stability, (% Over 8 hrs) 1
Working Temp(c) 16
Dimensions 1500mm*700mm*1650mm
AC 208-230 V, 60 Hz, 20 AMPS.
AC 200 V, 50 Hz, 20 Amps.
No requirement of chiller

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