Diode Laser Driver
  • High efficiency and reliablity while small size.
  • Completly moisture proof, salt-fog resistant and midew proof.
  • Mean time between failure: ≥ 1,00,000 hrs.
  • With remote control switch and operating real-time monitoring.
  • With good environment applicability through strict voltage stress and humidity stress test.
  • Display on board of operating and warning-state makes administration and maintenance easy.
  • Specifications:
  • Input voltage: Single-phase 90Vac~364Vac
  • AC frequency: 45Hz~65Hz
  • Power factor: 0.998(Fully loaded)
  • Efficiency: 86.8%(Rating input, Fully loaded)
  • Output current rage: 0A~30A
  • Output voltage rage: 0V~30V
  • Voltage adjustment rate:≤±1%
  • Stabilization: ≤±0.1%
  • Output voltage ripple: Vp-p ≤120mV
  • Protect characteristics: AC abnormity, output overcurrent and over-temperature protection
  • Load Regulation: ≤±1%
  • Local control: Local control switch
  • Remote control enable signal +5V
  • Remote control signal: 0~10V(0~30A corresponding)
  • Temperature and water flaw protect interface: Operating when short-pass and turn-off when open
  • Cooling type: Air cooling
  • Dielectric strength:
  • Input-Shell 2200Vdc(25oC)
    Input-Output 2200Vdc(25oC)
    Output-Shell 710Vdc(25oC)
  • Dimension: 483mm×89mm×207mm
  • Operating temperature: -10oC~+50oC
  • Operating air pressure: 70kPa~106KPa
  • Notes: S.M.Laser may make changes to specifications and product descriptions at any time without notice. Other output power are available, please contact with us.
  • Please set and maintain the module following User Manual.
  • Do not use it under Severe Environment for long term, such as too high or too low temperature and too high altitude.
  • Please inspect the environment first when failure. Ensure whether the front board can be turn on, whether the AC input is work or whether the environment temperature is too high.
  • Please contact the supplier when the failure can not be eliminated.
  • Ordering Information: